Who I am
Mediator of the Year 2014 (Scotland)

A careful and pleasant approach which encouraged both sides to have faith in the process.

Managing Director

Pamela is Scotland’s leading female commercial mediator having been accredited as a mediator by CEDR in 2000. She was involved in Core Solutions since its foundation, latterly as Director of Mediation Services.  Formerly a litigation partner and Head of Insurance Litigation at the law firm of Dundas & Wilson, she had over 18 years’ experience in private practice, dealing with a broad range of commercial disputes.

She has mediated in over 200 disputes concerned with commercial contracts, employment and discrimination, senior management, workplace, health services, professional negligence, intellectual property, building and construction, partnership, property and use of land, charitable organisations and other disputes.

Pamela’s style is proactive, realistic and pragmatic as well as positive. Her perseverance in keeping the parties working towards a mutually acceptable outcome has been highlighted.

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What I offer
Mediation. Facilitation. Training. Coaching


Parties in dispute often want the opportunity to resolve matters quickly and cost effectively themselves, rather than having an outsider decide their differences for them. Mediation provides that opportunity. It is a future focussed problem solving process which is tailored to meet the needs of the parties.

The use of mediation techniques is a proven and highly successful method of dispute resolution that can be used at any stage in the duration of a dispute and for all levels, from multi-million pound claims to smaller matters.   As an experienced mediator, both in setting up the day and mediating, Pamela is able to create a suitable process in discussion with the parties and their advisers and guide the participants through it. Aware also that effective preparation for mediation can significantly improve the likelihood of reaching agreement, and indeed the terms of settlement, she works closely with the advisers to assist them in their preparation strategies. She views herself very much as a resource available to all the parties.

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Agreement to mediate

This is a standard document, signed by all participants on the mediation day including the mediator and any assistant, and covers practical topics such as the names of the parties, the venue and date, as well as emphasising the confidential nature of the process  and that it is both without prejudice and non-binding. By signing the Agreement everyone agrees to be bound by its terms. The standard form can be obtained here.



A facilitator’s job is to contribute structure and process to interactions of groups or teams to enable them to function effectively and make high quality decisions. Pamela has been asked to facilitate groups in a number of different contexts and has recently completed the Kinharvie Institute Facilitation Skills Programme.


Having been involved in a number of mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution courses and workshops  over many years Pamela is well placed to lead training in these areas – either short ( 1 or 2 days) or over an extended period of time.


Often a by product of workplace mediation, coaching on a one to one basis provides support and encouragement to those endeavouring to do something different in terms of behaviours and interactions. Pamela works closely on a confidential basis with individuals enabling them to reflect on their impact on colleagues and others and supporting necessary change.

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Please contact Pamela if you have any queries or would like any information regarding her availability, to discuss fees or to make a booking.  You can download her Terms and Conditions here.

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    Pamela’s background as a litigation lawyer means that she grasps any legal issues and she is equally aware of commercial factors. She has been described as bringing commerciality to the process and encouraging parties to focus on the future, whilst her robust yet courteous manner challenges parties to think in a different way.

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